The Top 20 CIS Controls: An Action Guide to Protect Your Organization

70% of enterprise info security pros don’t monitor devices in real time.

Looking for unusual activity on your network or devices can be a tall order, especially when you don’t have full visibility into all of the managed and unmanaged assets connecting to your network.

It’s no surprise then that the Center for Internet Security (CIS) ranks visibility into all authorized and unauthorized devices as priority #1 and lists this control as a fundamental step to effectively defend against 85% of cyberattacks.

Watch this on-demand webinar for an overview of the Top 20 CIS Controls and to learn more about:

  • Why the “first five” controls are the most critical to your organization’s security strategy
  • 5 best practices to achieve a complete inventory of all managed and unmanaged assets on your network
  • Why organizations require complete network visibility
  • Next steps to safeguard your IoT devices

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